Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Year, New Project, Great Start

It has been an interesting start to a new year. I got sick on New Years Eve with a sore throat and I am still battling a cold and a cough that keeps me up most nights. Nonetheless, I have managed to keep on moving and even got a little creative.
First, I have to thank a very special fellow artist & doll maker that has inspired me to try my hand at doll making. Her name is Rebecca Kerin, creator of four of my artist made collectible dolls from "Clothnclay". ( Her blog is listed as one of the blogs I follow.) She is terrific!
My first doll is a work in progress so I am posting a couple of photos of her so far. Her name will be "Olivia Farrington Lowell".
I started wanting to make a Parian style doll from the mid 1800's and somehow "Olivia" took on a look of her own. Her head is made from sculpting clay and her body is stuffed cloth. Her lower arms and legs have not been created yet. These limbs will be made from sculpting clay as well. I plan to work on them this weekend.
I got so excited wanting to make her clothes that I made her pantaloons before I even finished her legs. She will have the layered clothing worn in her era, made from mostly vintage fabrics and lace.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you like the way Olivia is turning out.